This one was inspired by a video game called God of War: Ragnarök

What is fate?
Something set in stone?
Planned out for me?
A curse I can never break?
Or is it the most probable outcome at this point in time?
Does it change, when I do?
Is it the story being written in every moment?
Flowing, like a river stream?

The heart has many meanings

The heart or what some call the soul has many meanings. I’ll refer to it here as the heart as the meanings are found in the word itself.

Heart – Either the physical or spiritual heart
Hear ‘t – When we separate Hear and t and add an apostrophe it says: Hear ‘t, so Hear it.
H-ear-t – The h being like the breath or sound and ear literally being the organ we hear with. So to me the word hear means: Perceiving sound with the ear. And the t we can either remove or treat it as it, just like before, the it refering to the h, the sound. more “The heart has many meanings”

My Core Values and what they could mean


I got inspired to write about core values and what they could mean. Watching an Anime called Digimon inspires me a lot. Core values are essential in that show. And I think values are vital to us as well to know where to go in life and what to do, where we want to invest our energy into. So, I want to write down important values to me and share it with all of you. But of course, these are just the ones I see as valuable and as important. more “My Core Values and what they could mean”